Boeing 727-200 Super 27

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Equipment Specifications
Manufacturer Boeing
Model 727-200 Super 27
Price Call
Location Lanseria, JNB
Serial Number
Registration Number
Total Time
Hot Section Time
Flight Rules
Number Of Seats

The 45 passenger VIP interior just completed a refurbishment in August 2008. The Head of State layout features a forward lounge or crew rest area, a stateroom suite consisting of a master stateroom and private lavatory that is accessible from both adjoining rooms, a private office, a large main salon, and an area for staff. The aircraft additionally features 3 additional lavatories and two galleys. The entertainment system transmits to wireless headsets throughout the aircraft via three separate audio channels that carry sound from two DVD players and an IPOD.


Super BOEING 727-200 2NE

s/n 22825
Valsan provided the following data on the capabilities of a re-engined -200 Executive.
As compared with a typical -200 standard engines, they reported the performance improvements to be:

Fuel Burn
Required Takeoff Field Length
Time to Climb
Sea Level Range
Engine Emissions
Maintenance Costs
Additional Payload Potential
Range from Short Runways
Range from Elevated Fields
Payload Range $ Advantage
2 New Pratt & Whitney JT9D-217’s
Airport Noise FootprintRange at Same Max Take OffWeight:
Hot and High Performance:
Modification Cost (with new engines):
10-15% reduction
20% reduction
23% Reduction
Increased 400 NM
40% lower per Takeoff & Landing cycle
Reduced by $100/Flight Hour
Significant improvement
2700-10,000 lb.
as much as double
as much as double
as much as $1200/flight hour
Higher residual value
51% smaller than FedEx Stage 3
79% smaller than Stage 2
12.5% increase more than w/Std engines
Significant improvement

Winglets further decrease the burn by an average of 5% and as much as 7%. Valsan stated a 5% range increase. Some operators experience as much as 7-8%. The modification cost approximately $750,000 including installation. The Valsan Super 27-200 with auxiliary fuel tanks has the potential of carrying 25+ passengers non-stop from London to Nairobi, and 8+ passengers from London directly to Chicago.

Outfitted with four Boeing (OEM STC) auxiliary fuel tanks capable of holding 3650 US Gallons giving the aircraft a total fuel capacity of 11,665 US gallon and an endurance of approximately 8-8.75 hours. This fine aircraft is RVSM equipped, TCAS-II, 8.33 kHz Spacing and FM Immunity. The upgraded cockpit instrumentation includes a Triple Universal UNS-1F flight management system and EGPWS.

Super 27-200 S/N 22825 is a late model 727-200 Advanced with a Boeing auxiliary fuel tank system. It was delivered new in July 1982 and placed in service in 1983 after undergoing a VIP conversion. The aircraft is one of the last twenty-six 727-200 Advanced built, and has never seen commercial service. It is one of only 8 aircraft which have undergone the $10 million Super 27-200 re-engining program.


Total Flight Hours:
Total Landings:
5235.34 hrs
MSG-3 (Special Program)
ENGINES Engine #1 Engine #2 Engine #3
Type: JT8D-217C JT8D-17R JT8D-217C
Engine Serial Number: 726197 707247 726196
Total Hours Since Overhaul: 285.21 285.21
Total Cycles Since Overhaul: 117 112
Total Hours SN: 3871.34
Total Cycles SN: 2476
Corrosion Insp. Bulletin: ASB 6435 ASB 6431 ASB 6435
Last 6435/ 6431/6435: 22 Sep 2009 4 Sep 2009
Next 6435/ 6431/6435: Aug 14, 2012
Noise Certificate: Stage 3